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Townfield Secondary Modern, Hayes, Middlesex to be exact... don't remember too much about this school - mainly because I was only there for 2 years (September 1955 to September 1957).

Having been a failure at Grange Park Primary school (i.e. I failed the 11+ exam twice - which - had I passed would have got me into a Grammar School - more academic....not me at all!!) - and so.... us "late developers" got sent off to a Secondary School where after a further 2 years we took the "Technical Exam") - and if we passed that - we went off to a Technical College.

Can remember being scared stiff on the first morning - had heard terrible tales of "new boys" being beaten, heads down toilets etc.. but happily none of that occurred. New subjects were Metal and Woodwork - didn't like either of them - there were musical instruments to learn (didn't), and my form teacher/master was a small Welsh gentleman - Mr Jones (loved his violin he did). My mother claimed that he was the most influential person on my academic life and reckons without him I'd never have got to Technical College - thanks Mr Jones!!

Used to take the bus to and from school until I got an old bike, and then it would be a 20 minute ride from North Hyde Road to the Central Avenue or Coldharbour Lane entrances, and stacking the bike in the bike sheds, where the front wheel had to be lifted high above your head, placed in a rack and the whole thing then stood/balanced on the back wheel. Names from that era...John Perry, Barry Parker, Michael Kilby.

There's a very good site posted by Mike Abbott who must have been at Townfield at the same time as me, describing Townfield in much better detail than I can remember - life in the '50's!! Thanks to Josh Hayles for the new link (December 2005)...

Passing the Technical Exam in 1957 - I then selected Ealing Tech as my next school - what a great time that was to be.....


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