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 Here are some things to jog your memories - more to add?? - please:

The Boys - where are they now???:

John Hutcherson ? Hutch ? funny guy ? friends with Robo, left footed, good at football, lived Northolt way - 703 Field End Rd., Ruislip - may have gone to Canada.

Robin Robinson ? Robo ? right back at football, famous for his sliding tackles, friends with Hutch, also Northolt area

Keith Rossitter ? tall, calm guy - I can remember accusing him of being a criminal because his eyebrows met in the middle

Terence Monk ? detergent ? can only remember him mis-pronouncing "detergent" and getting named appropriately ? he was friends with a small guy, cannot remember his name - thanks Martin - Michael Mayo

Roger Cobb ? Cackle ? good fun ? friends with Cox, who would often get Cobb into trouble by making him laugh (cackle) in class

Cox ? very funny guy, what was his first name ?Dave?

Mark Wilson ? lived in Hayes, he, I and Bill traveled by train together - joined British Rail??

Colin Hanstock (Bill) ? quiet, remember him being teased (badly - mainly Hutch!!) during meal at Hotel in Bruges, on school holiday

Paul Riley (Blither) ? physically big - also a madman ? got expelled for hitting Snitch over the head with books

?? Latham (Snitch) ? Only remember the head/book/Blither incident, except for the nickname 

John Perry ? Lived in Hayes ? he, Barry and Curley did a Summer Project together ? his father?s car used to get its flip-out old style indicators, knocked off as he came into the house driveway ? because of a gatepost and a slow cancel.Went to ?Kingston ?Twickenham Tech/Uni??

Barry Parker ? lived up on 68 Uxbridge Rd, Hayes/Southall ? parties at his flat, also ?Kingston Tech??

Leslie Gale (Gillie) ? lived in 28 Oak Ave, West Drayton, small, blonde hair, used to travel in with him

Brian Litchman - dark hair, did he play centre forward??

Brian Donovan - small, dark, fine hair, pointed features Alan remembers that he was going to be a jockey
Michael Burrell - tall, dark haired, left-footed - maybe he was on the left wing?? From West Drayton area - Yo - we're in contact!! Found him!!
Michael Mayo - small, black haired, dapper - friendly with Terence Monk

The Girls - many thanks to Maggie Leng and Carol Wheeler for these:

Margaret (Maggie) Leng ? lived in Bourne Avenue, Hayes. Found her in January 2003!!

Carol Woolard/Wheeler - 11 Lelande Close, Woosehill, Wokingham, Berks - Tel: 01189 - 783249

Christine Greenstreet ? 1 year ahead ? best looking girl in the year

Pauline Smith - 1 year ahead - a dalliance with Ray Randall?
Mary Hamill - small - see Alan Britt's description - 54 Whiteheath Ave., Ruislip
Pamela Brown - Edelweiss, Fagnall Lane, Winchmore Hill, Amersham
Joan Pengilly - 6 Woodside Ave., Alperton
Patricia Hutton - 26 Conway Cresc., Perivale
Sandra Gaff - dark haired, pointed features?? - she's posted on friends re-united - 53 Bentinck Rd., Yiewsley
Gillian Branch - 5 Bishops Close, Vine Lane, Hillingdon
Brenda Bainbridge - known as "slim"??, lives in west Drayton now??
Anne Callaghan -
Margaret Leggat - somewhat rotund but great character - went to Canada (Montreal or Toronto)
Carol Philpot - 
Anne Hobday - vicar's daughter
Brenda Birmingham - 64 Cambridge Ave., Greenford Middx
Janet Shaw - 167 Lynhurst Cres., Hillingdon, Middx
Maureen Tull - 18 Springfield Gdns., Eastcote, Ruislip
Rosemary Robinson - 64 Elmbridge Dr., Ruislip
Sally Isles - 18 Manor Farm Rd., Alperton, Wembley
Maxine Nash - 16 Eden Close, Alperton - then to Thornwood Common, Epping, Essex
Gillian Slavick - 1 Elms Gdns., HArrow Rd., Sudbury
Imogen Winterburn (later Batten) - 38 Haydon Dr., Eastcote
Pat Hudson - 85 Pleasant Way, Wembley
Gillian Blackman - 85 Burfield Rd., Old Windsor
Audrey Moss - 26 Clifford Rd., Alperton
Beryl Marchant -
Rosemary King - went to Australia
Lois Moxson - 144 Glebe Ave., Ickenham
Patricia Mayow - 14 Hereford Rd, Ealing W5

The Teachers (nicknames are in ()'s):

Mr Watts ? Geography (Dad, An ?at) - was that his name?? (Tucker believes Watts) - Drove small A30 or Mini - 911 Great Cambridge Rd., Enfield

Mr Jenkins  - Form Teacher (Whistle ? sorry boys) 31, Cedars Drive, Hillingdon

Mr Handa - Maths/Statistics (Andy)

Mrs Davies - French

Mr Fraser - Accounts (Jock) - drove a Sunbeam Rapier cream/red stripe

Mr Davies ? Economics - Welsh

Mr Fowkes (well done Alan!!) - headmaster type - red faced, gown - "Come here Yieww boy"!! Paul Tucker suggests the spelling is Foulks??
Miss Sadler - typing - wasn't she wispy, fair haired, glasses??
?Miss? Dagley - Speech elocution - funny old duck
Major Hurley - thickset, shortish man - Arithmetic - 23 Waldemar Ave., W 13
Miss Williams - another old duck, tall skinny - took the girls for games, short bobbed black hair
Miss West (Mae) - English

Odds and Sods:

Tucker - do you remember the Common Room - playing Table Tennis one evening - and some Arty tyke put Take Five by Dave Brubeck on the record player - wow what an eye-opener?
The lunch-time disco's in the ground-floor Hall - who were the 3 Art students that used to come and jive, very well/impressively - was the bloke Kaz?? or something similar, then there was a smallish, blonde - Julie?? and a taller, thinner, brunette, big.... eyes!! See Brian Whitcombe's suggestion - Gillian Whit..??
Tucker replies......  Where the hell did those 40 or so years go since we were at Ealing Tech together?

I vaguely remember the two girls from the art school, one of which should have had a white stick. Certainly, Take 5, what about Rite Petite? Jackie Wilson wasn't it. How about your Elvis LP with Lordy Miss Claudie on it and Train I Ride - great stuff.

The pea-souper fogs - that allowed us to go home early?? I can remember walking to Ealing Broadway station around 15:00 one afternoon - and failing to find the other side of a road I was crossing - that bad!
The differently coloured floors in the Main Building, I always thought that was cool. Also the revolving doors at the front - simple things please simple minds! 
Dave's Cafe across the road from the Main Building - tea and cheese or ham rolls - upstairs
The canteen on the top floor of the old building, and yes the Coke machine, delivering glass bottles.
The "circular" black-boards
Greek (or was he Cypriot) guy who used to drive in - in a big V8 Ford Pilot or something?
The walk from Ealing Broadway station, down back-alleys to cut off corners, exiting onto the A4 Uxbridge Rd, next to Bentalls, across that road, down ?? Rd with Lilley & Skinner on the right , and a Real Coffee Grinders shop on the left, then the greens and grass on the right, Ealing Studios, on the right - and latterly a Coffee Bar on the left - what was it called??
From Tucker 27/11/2002 in answer to.. What was Dad's name?? I think it was Daddy Watts - not sure why but that popped into my mind immediately so I guess it might be about right. I'm not sure if we have already reminisced on this but do you remember when he was telling us all about the grasslands in the Savanha regions of the world and describing the grass and the length it grew to. Somebody put the word round to imagine that every reference to the grass was actually a reference to a todger - I remember that this put an hysterical slant on the whole thing and poor old Daddy Watts just couldn't understand the huge guffaws at each sentence that he uttered - he got uncharacteristically ratty about it and demanded to know from various oiks in the class what was so funny - but nobody gave the game away.

What about Handa for maths (Indian bloke) - I remember 4 or 5 of us turning up late for his class and going into a small adjoining room that enabled us to sneak in one at a time when he wasn't looking - eventually he realised that the numbers had swelled but wasn't quite sure how.

Enough memories for now - we really must be getting old to keep on harping back to the past like this.

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