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Grange Park Infants and Primary School at Lansbury Drive, Hayes Middlesex - I was there from 5 to 11 (age, NOT time of day!!).

Have recently got in touch with some school friends from that era, more especially boys from the soccer team.

We were magnificent winning the Hawes Trophy in 1954 (first time Grange Park had won), and the girls won the Netball Shield that year too - what stars we all were!!

First to make contact was our Goalkeeper (Chris Ward), as I remember it, he didn't have much to do, because the defence was so formidable, followed by Ron Mills who I believe was part of that defence. Full line up was:

Chris Ward - goalkeeper, Me - right back, Colin Pool - left back, Ron Mills - Centre Half, Robin Scrimshaw - Right Half, Peter Turner - Left Half & Captain, Keith Richardson - Right Wing, John Lugard - Inside Right, Billy Bunn Centre Forward, John Magill - Inside Left, Geoff Barrow  - Outside Left.

Am now trying to trace some of the other celebrities (Robin Scrimshaw and Tony Borlace (found) are initial candidates), meanwhile check out emails to/from the boys above, or have a look at some old photos..

All of the above is available for download - click here

Update!! Update!! May 2004 - see 2004 UK Trip..

Update!! Update!! December 2005 - Josh Hayles reminds me that his fabulous site has oodles more Grange Park (and others) info - have a look......


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